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Losing weight can be frustrating. A proper diet, paired with a regular exercise and fitness routine, will help you achieve your weight loss goals. But sometimes you need a little outside help. Here at The Health and Wellness Center in St Louis, our 30-day program is offered in conjunction with the use of an appetite suppressant.

The appetite suppressant helps reduce the feeling of hunger while maintaining muscle mass. The appetite suppressant won’t make you lose weight. You will need to follow a healthy protocol during the course of the program, which is what we will outline for you in detail. When combined together, patients become leaner.

Benefits of Appetite Suppressants

You should be evaluated by a medical professional prior to beginning any weight loss program that involves the use of an appetite suppressant. If cleared, the combination of both approaches can work well. There are many benefits to appetite suppressants, such as:

• Quick results for better motivation

• Control hunger so you don’t use food to curb boredom, stress or depression

• Healthier living

• Help bridge the hunger gap while your body adjusts to the new weight loss lifestyle changes so you can keep pounds off for the long-term.


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