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What Is Pre-Plastic Surgery Clearance?

As with any other invasive procedure, plastic surgery comes with some form of risk. Before you can be cleared for plastic surgery, it's necessary to consult with a medical professional who can determine that you are fit for the treatment and not dealing with any medical issues that may complicate the procedure. At The Health & Wellness Center, Dr. Secil Schodroski performs pre-plastic surgery clearance for patients in St. Louis, MO who are scheduled to undergo certain plastic surgeries, including liposuction, Brazilian butt lifts, breast augmentation, and more. If you have an upcoming procedure that requires pre-plastic surgery clearance, we advise you to schedule an appointment at our office within a month of your procedure.

What Does Pre-Plastic Surgery Clearance Involve?

Every treatment is unique so the process for your pre-plastic surgery clearance may vary according to your needs and the specific surgery you're undergoing. Generally speaking, pre-plastic surgery clearance at The Health & Wellness Center starts with Dr. Schodroski taking a detailed medical history and performing a physical exam. She may also order a number of health tests, including:

  • An iron panel: This test measures the level of iron in your blood, which is important for recovery after surgery. If your iron levels are low, our office can provide iron infusions.
  • Electrocardiogram (EKG): This test monitors your heart health so our providers can assess if you are a good fit for surgery.
  • Hemoglobin and hematocrit: These tests assess your red blood cells for signs of blood conditions, like anemia. Since blood loss is a common occurrence in surgery, certain blood disorders may affect your recovery after the procedure.
  • Pregnancy and HIV test: HIV testing can help your surgeon determine the necessary steps to protect themselves and ensure your safety during your procedure. Pregnancy tests are used for patients of childbearing age to determine if the procedure may need to be postponed.
  • Prothrombin (PT) and international normalized ratio (INR): These tests measure your blood's ability to clot, which affects your risk of excessive bleeding during your surgery.

Once your tests are done and the results are in, Dr. Schodroski will share them with you and provide an overall assessment for your plastic surgeon. With that information, your surgeon can determine the best course of action.

Very nice staff!!! The office energy is amazing from the provider to the staff. The restroom and exam rooms were clean. It really was the total package with healthcare there.

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For years I have struggled with losing weight. Last year, I quit smoking and gained 35 lbs. No matter what I did I could not lose this weight. I started going to The Health & Wellnesa Center on Feb. Since then, I have lost 40 lbs and still losing. I over half way to my goal weight that I set when I started. I feel at this time that I will hit my goal weight and possibly more in another couple months on thier program. Thank you to everyone at The Health and Wellness Center. You have been very supportive and encouraging.

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While some plastic surgery treatments are more extensive than others, all of them carry some risk of complications, especially if the surgeon is unaware of particular health issues. Pre-plastic surgery exams at The Health & Wellness Center give our providers a chance to identify potential risk factors and work to address them so you can safely receive the treatment you desire. If you have an upcoming procedure, we recommend that you schedule a consultation for pre-plastic surgery clearance with Dr. Schodroski at our St. Louis, MO office in the month leading up to your treatment.

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