Weight Loss HCG Injections

Weight Loss HCG injections

Looking to lose weight but can’t seem to achieve your goals? We can help here at The Health and Wellness Center in St Louis. Our 42-day program offers a strict regimen that you can follow for proven results. In conjunction, we also offer daily injections of Human Chorionic Gonadotropin or HCG. HCG is the hormone that indicates a pregnancy. This hormone creates an environment that allows a growing fetus to live off of the mother’s calories, stored fat and carbohydrates. When HCG is injected into a male or female participant, it tricks the body to burn and live off of the fat instead of the muscle as some diets perform. With daily injections of HCG, the body starts to burn fat and people can lose between 30 and 40 pounds per round of 42 treatments.

Benefits of Daily Injections of HCG

Daily injections of HCG help reduce the feeling of hunger while maintaining and even building muscle mass. Injections of HCG alone will not make you lose weight. You will need to follow a healthy protocol during the course of the program. When combined together, patients become leaner. They don’t drop weight drastically because the daily injections of HCG maintains, and in some cases even builds, muscle mass.

Some more benefits include:

• Improved metabolic function

• Increase in energy

• Healthy weight reduction

• Lower cholesterol

• Hormone regulation

• Better endurance


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