St Louis COVID-19 Testing

The Health & Wellness Center is testing for COVID-19.

Individuals who are concerned they have COVID-19 symptoms need to call our office for a phone screening and to receive a testing appointment or other instructions. If you are an established patient, please call to speak to a nurse about your symptoms. 

If you are NOT an established patient, please call our office at (314) 722-6555.

Phone screening is required prior to testing appointment.

Many people will display mild symptoms. If you have a fever and cough, you should assume that you could have COVID-19 and take steps to protect your community and household from the disease. Stay home and stay away from the other people in your house. If you need to leave your house to see a health care provider, wear a mask and practice frequent hand-washing.

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The Health and Wellness Center in St Louis, MO for COVID-19 Testing

To learn more about COVID-19 Testing, please call us at 314-722-6555, visit our medical location in Sunset Hills, St Louis or complete our online form to learn more.