Iron Infusion St Louis, MO

Iron Infusion

The Health & Wellness Center offers iron infusion, a procedure in which iron is delivered intravenously, into a vein via a needle. Iron infusions, typically prescribed by doctors to treat iron deficiency anemia, can be performed in the office or at your home.

Many patients require an extra supply of iron in their bodies. For example, women who have heavy menstrual cycles are robbed of iron-rich blood during this time every month. Another example would be those who are planning cosmetic surgery and need their iron levels to be at a certain level. If you require additional iron in your blood, you may benefit from iron infusions.

For that, rely on Dr. Secil Schodroski, FNP-C, DNP Founder of the Health & Wellness Center and her staff of professionals. Those with iron deficiencies who can’t take iron supplements by mouth can opt for IV iron infusions instead.

What to Expect

The iron infusion will be administered by one of our doctors or nurse practitioners, who will use a needle to insert a small tube (called a catheter) into your vein. The catheter is attached to an IV bag of iron, which has been diluted with a saline solution. The procedure may take up to a few hours.

Good news is, you can return to normal activity right away after the infusion. Side effects are mild and rare, ranging from a temporary change in the taste of food and beverages to headaches or swelling at the injection site. During your consultation, we will review what to expect in more detail, as well as any possible side effects. You should notice the benefits shortly, including increased energy and easier breathing!


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