Patient Stories

Semaglutide is a freaking miracle drug! My before and after speak for themselves. Im loving how my body is changing and helping me build my confidence and self esteem back up!
I cant thank Dr. S enough!

Hi Dr Secil. It’s Sherrie. So far I love the program. It took me a few days to get used to the Phentermine but it’s good now. Realistically I was hoping for 5 pounds a week and losing 11 was amazing. I am looking forward to the next 3 weeks and then doing the program again. Thanks for helping me and getting me on track!

I have been coming to the Health & Wellness Center for over 7 years and I’m in my 50’s, I feel strong, healthy, and like a fountain of youth.  My mindset is discipline and focus, as with Dr Secil and her team providing supplements, weight loss, hormones, vitamins, injections, infusions, primary care, and now the cocoon pod, I have been able to sustain that.

My face is smaller, neck is smaller, arms smaller, waist smaller and I haven’t been to the gym in months 💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼 I’m pissed everybody is asleep and can’t take my picture right but you get the point!!! SKINNY MINNIE IS A MUST 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 I‘m almost ready to pop out this summer 😜😜😜 #Lets GOOOOOOOOOO JANUARY 12th VS MARCH 12th

I would like to thank Dr Secil and her team at the Health & Wellness Center for my weight loss goals of losing 40 lbs using the HCG protocol.

-Stephanie W.


- Tom

"Thank you Dr Secil and her team, for my weight journey has been very rewarding. I'm down over 71 lbs."

- Dunyal






Thank you to the Health & Wellness Center, Dr Secil and her staff. I feel red hot as I’m in love with me again. Down 50 lbs.

- Shawna M.

You’re making the world a lot better place to live in that much I can tell you. You make it look easy but I do know the struggle you have and do you go through daily. You are awesome and an inspiration. Keep being you!

-Joe T

Another satisfied customer


When I started this amazingly scary journey 5 years ago(with many fails) I thought it was all about what showed on the scale. But I have learned that it's not the scale(put mine in the closet). It is all about learning you are given ONE body and learn the right foods(clean eating) and proper balance of cardio and strength training. Pay attention to your body and it will tell you that your getting healthy (I was prediabetic, heading to high blood pressure meds,extreme GERD). And your clothes will tell you as well,pre journey size 22/23W...current 7/8 loosely. And a side note no longer prediabetic and blood pressure reading as of today 110/67 and haven't been on any acid reducer in almost 2 months. So what did i take from this life changing experience?? I learned that i need to be aware of what I put into my ONE body and this is my lifestyle not a short term diet and lastly it is Ok to fall as long as you get up and dust yourself off and access why you fell and adjust and move on. And I couldn't of done any of this without this Health and Wellness center and Dr Secil!!!

-Sherry C.

When I looked in the mirror, I had know idea I was "big" or "fat;" but I knew that I was overweight. That term has been tossed around my life like a softball. I have always struggled with my weight, but there's a difference in knowing that you are and accepting that you are and you need to change that. So about a year ago I started this change of trying to be healthier on my own, and I did start to lose weight, but I needed some help. So a few months ago, I heard about this diet through the Health and Wellness Center, from my sister. She had done incredibly well and looks amazing. So I decided to do it myself. All I can say is that it's a journey, everyday presents challenges to overcome and the more weight I lose the more I have to think about myself as not that fatty still standing in the mirror. But im beginning to feel better physically, so thats my focus and my ultimate goal. To physically feel better. Thank you so much for helping me with my journey Dr. Secil Shodroski! It really is for the better.

-Megan V.


Thank you for assisting me in my weight loss journey. The Health & Wellness Center is the place to go!

-Toya V.

Want to thank Dr. Secil's Team!! For the motivation I lost 70 pounds. It takes determination and discipline!! #WatchOut

-Kendra H.


Thanks to The Health & Wellness Center I feel great!


I was miserable. It was hard to move. After losing more than 50 pounds, I feel better, and can hardly wait for the weekends to go out and have fun. Thank you to Dr Secil and her team at The Health & Wellness Center.

-Kim C.


Hi, thanks to the Health & Wellness Center I have lost weight and my grandson loves my muscles at 62 years old! Please visit Secil for your weight loss needs.

- Wally G.

Hello my name is Taron A. Blount and on April 9, 2015, I began a journey that showed results 42 days later. I stopped smoking over 4 years ago and I put on some weight. When I say weight, I went from 220 pounds to my heaviest at 288 pounds. My waist went from a 35 to a 44 and I was truly upset with myself. All of my clothes were put into storage containers and I began to wearing basketball shorts and white tees. That is what I felt comfortable in all the time. I had just two pair of pants and two pair of shorts and my wife would get on me about the way I dressed. My wife would ask me to get rid of my clothes and I would tell her no because that was a way of accepting that I was overweight. I tried working out, the Commander Go Pack among other things. The Commander Go Pack just made my heart race and I did not like that at all. I was caught up on seeing results almost immediately.

Well with the HCG, I saw results the next day. After my first shot, I lost one pound that first day. The first three days are load days, so with me eating the way I was and I still lost a pound was awesome. Now I know some will say just one pound is nothing. But it is something to someone that expects nothing but the best from themselves. Within one week, people around me could notice the weight was coming off starting in my face. It became more motivating every time I stepped on the scale and I was lighter than the day before. It is also gratifying when your spouse compliments the way that you are starting to look. I love hearing,"You are starting to look like your old self." But the best thing about this is I am starting to feel like my old self again.

I needed to do this because I can feel the weight on my joints and in my lower back. It was getting to the point that I would have to rock to get myself up. My belly was getting so big it was getting hard to tie my shoes. I knew then that I had to do something fast to get on a healthy track. The bigger one gets, the more at risk he or she is for health problems. I have a wife and two sons and I want to be as healthy as I can be for them. I need to stay around for them. I like running around with my sons, and if I had gotten any larger that would not have been possible. I am so thankful that my sister asked me to be her first patient. I can say that the protocol is very strict and I had to have to great will power. Some days more than others because 500 calories is not a lot. But if you know how to spread it out and drink lots of water and tea throughout the day, you can get through it. What is 42-45 days for a lifetime of being, feeling, and looking great? I now weigh 250 pounds and my waist is now a 40, almost a 38. I can at least button them up without sucking in my stomach. This is the lightest I have been in over 4 years and I feel great. I am not at my target goal yet and I have started my second phase/round of the HCG.

This go round will be a little easier than the first time because I know what to expect and I know what to do. It is strict and a person that is weak minded or gives in to pressure will not be a good candidate for this protocol. But a person who is tired of being overweight or obese and can workout 30 minutes a day for 3 days a week, well this is for them. Everyone's results will be different because everyone is different. I can't say that you will lose 30 pounds; you could lose more or less. If you don't meet your goal do not beat yourself up, instead be positive of the progress you have made. Pat yourself on the back for losing the weight that you did and changing your habits. It is an individualized journey and it will be well worth it if you stick to the path. I am truly thankful for the experience.

-Taron B.


Thanks to the Health & Wellness Center I feel great! I have lost so much weight that I am now under 300 pounds and that hasn't happened in 20 years. Thank you to Secil and her team!

- Steve O.


An easy and simple plan that helped to develop a lifestyle transformation. I feel healthier, sleep better and have more energy than I can remember. Thanks to Dr Secil and her team!

-Thomas B.

Without the help of Dr. Secil and her team along with Zumba three times a week, I would not have lost 37 pounds in about 8 months. They are very understanding and helpful during a time that is very hard for some people. Dr. Secil goes above and beyond for her patients and I would recommend her to everyone!



I would like to give a Special Thanks to my Dr. Secil Blount Schodroski and her team at The Health & Wellness Center on helping me get closer to my Ideal weight. Since I started going to her in March I have lost a total of 51lbs I am not done yet... Thanks Dr. Secil!

-Kim J.

Hi, when I am feeling depleted and experience a decrease in energy I go to the Health and Wellness Center for rejuvenation weekly. It's the Myers Cocktail infusion full of hydration and vitamins. It gets me through my week. Thanks Dr. Secil! Secil is the best! Her staff is fun and friendly. The music is always blasting in the office, I love my second family!

-Elizabeth R.


So it is very possible that going and getting a physical changed my life. The one thing everyone hates doing is going to the Doctor to make sure everything is good. I felt fine, had no symptoms of anything wrong, I am young, physically active, and in good shape. So after a routine physical I had a very abnormal EKG, one that concerned Secil. I was referred to a cardiologist and within a month had a procedure to fix a bad heart arrhythmia. I feel great now both physically and in peace of mind. I have encouraged many of my friends to go see Secil, her concern for me was above any beyond. She stayed on me to be sure I was getting help and treated me as a friend, not just another patient. Thank you Secil for your concern and love! I encourage everyone to see Secil for your routine physical and any other concern ASAP.

-Mark P.

55 min bike ride and got a spin with light circuit weight session in for 15. Seriously, this testosterone is ridiculous. I've ridden 6 out of last 7 days. My recovery is thirty year old like. My energy level as reflected in my resilience during stressful challenges is increasing over time. In other words, I'm getting stronger and stronger for longer and it's happening incrementally. My weight will come down basically because the exercise and how I feel is something I don't want to stop.

-Bob H.


Thought I'd share the new dress I got for a party I had to go to last night. I haven't gained any weight back, in fact I've been about 1-3 lbs below my last injection weight. I feel absolutely amazing. I even went clothes shopping the other day and for the first time enjoyed it because I'm several sizes smaller! Thanks Secil Schodroski, The Health & Wellness Center.

- Christine B.

Hi I just lost 30 pounds thanks to Secil at the Health & Wellness Center, so I treated myself and got my hair done.

- Venisha T.


I want to thank the Health & Wellness Center. Thanks to Secil Schodroski I can wear these jeans and sweater for which I have not been able to wear in years! I have lost 27 pounds.

- Christine B

Today is the last day of phase 3 so I thought I would update you. My weight is 1 lb under my last injection weight. During the 3 weeks my weight went beyond the 2 lb limit 3 times but I fixed it immediately. Even though I can start having sugar and starches I plan on at least staying away from sugar as much as possible. As for grains oats and whole wheat only. Eating healthy seems easier to me now. My old favorite snack was cake/donuts but now it's an apple with sugar free natural peanut butter.

(Continued) I'm so happy to have a different mindset.  I plan on losing more at a slower pace (eating right/exercising).  I'm so grateful to you for getting me on the right path again.  In a little over a year I've lost 50 lbs, 30 of that is thanks to your help.  I don't know how I can repay your kindness!

-Christine B

My experience with NP Secil, was an awesome learning experience not only was I educated on the HCG product I received timely manner responses on my questions fears and worries learned what my body was capable of that I was not aware of a truly great experience.

- Deborah

The Health & Wellness Center addresses all issues concerning men's health needs. Blood tests are routine for diagnostic deficiencies in vitamins. I was found to also have a low potassium, which was giving me cramps. No cramps to date! The NP talks with me about how I feel and shows personal interest in me professionally. I feel very loyal to all personnel at the center. I highly recommend the center for men wanting more out of their lives.

- Tony

I workout in the gym many days per week and I just could not get the belly fat off. I went to the Health & Wellness Center and started the HCG protocol. I have loss 37 pounds in 35 days The staff have been very helpful and supportive on my journey to a better me! I feel great!

-Leanthony B


My weight loss journey has been just that, a journey. Prior to Shamir, i lost 60lbs, gained 20 lbs in pregnancy and now I'm down a total of 52lbs. This post is to thank my Dr. Secil Bount Schodroski with her wight loss plan for me since 2015. Contact her to see how she can help get you on track.

-Nikkie P.

Nothing tastes as good as being healthy feels. 25lbs down in 2 months thanks to the Amazing Weight Loss Guru Dr. Secil.

- Irina P.


To battle with a diagnosis that I have to take prednisone and to be able to turn it around and look like this, I’m so happy with Dr Secil and her team

—- Christina

Over the past years I struggled with my weight and one day I decided I wanted to take my health serious. So I went to Dr. Secil for help when I couldn’t get under 200lbs. Called her up told my goal & she started me on one of her plans. Total weight loss is 36.6lbs and counting.

Thank you

Secil much love